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Invest in Paracin

Advantages of investment in Paracin 

• Location of Paracin in the middle part of Central Serbia, at the Corridor 10 and the international railway road, 156 km south of Belgrade 

• Human resources  8.325 unemployed persons (Jun 2017) of which 31% with high-school degree, 11% with higher of university degree;

• Market of Paracin Possibility to export duty-free to the markets of South-east Europe and Russia (180 mil consumers). Paracin is geographically the closets to the markets of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Romania(36,6 mil consumers) 

The compensation of the construction land is not accounted for the production and storage facilities in accordance with Article 97 of the Law on Planning and Construction and municipal Decision on the contribution of the construction land


Basic data:
Net area: 38ha 62a 90m2
Free area: 21,1021 ha  occupied area:9,5717 ha
Location – 2 km away from the town center, between E-75 highway (Corridor 10) and international rail line, 226 m away the state road I B  of order number 36.

Possibility for construction of a 2 km rail-track with terminal to connect theIndustrial Zone with the Central Railway Station in Paracin (main railway Beograd-Nis) 
Note: industrial production, trade, catering, craft ship, other servicing activities

Zone shape trapezoid 670 x 728m
Altitude: 122.50 – 123.30m
Ownership – Municipality of Paracin Is the beneficiary.
Purpose – industrial production, trade, hotel business, services.
Lease conditions: 80 years 

Picture of available sites 


Measurement unit for lease is ‘’module’’ area 0,23ha (48 X 48) metersţ 

Number of modules in the entire complex amounts to 135 

 The possibility to bay or lease of 80 years 

The possibility of deferred payment in installments for 10 years (18% deposit) 

Price: from 3,15 €/m2 

Compensation for transferring agricultural land into construction 

land around  0.4 €/m2 – 20% of the market value estimated by the competent authority 

 (The possibility of deferred payment in installments for10 years) 

If necessary, re-allotment, the deferred payment in installments of up to 10 years 



Prepared plan of the detailed regulation and all needs technical documentation 

Built infrastructure that serves the first phase of the industrial zone  road, waterworks, sewage, electricity,gas 

Three power stations have been built TS 2x630 KVA 

  - In use TS 2 x 630 KVA 

 - Ready to be use TS 2 x 630 KVA 

   During  the preparations for the construction of electric lines 4 MVA (max power at location 2x8 MVA)


Sewage: One pump station, along the main roads V and VIenter the zoneØ 300mm, secondary pipes within the zone Ø 200mm 

 Atmospheric sewage roads built by areaǾ 200mm 

 Gas: currently availablecapacity 1200m3 / h pressure 3,5 bars, possible up to 4000m3/h 

 Water: diameter  Ø  200mm (plastic) pipes to the water compressing pump, after the pump pipes diameter  Ø 110mm pressure 1,5 bars, max 3,5 bars


Halls in the industrial zone “Zmič 










Area: 20 ha 57a 

Purpose: mixed business, production and industry, small industry 
In the zone of GUP (completed Detailed Regulation Plan)
Ownership: private 
Market price: adjustible 1000€/a
-Extraordinary attractive location 200m far away from the highway connection to E-75 (Petlja Paraćin) 
- Alongside the state road I B  of order number 36 (connection to eastern Serbia and Bulgaria) 
-Distance from town centre 2 km
-access road has the connection with the state road I B  of order number 36, Paraćin –Zaječar








Situated at street Kajmakčalanska no.2, 1.5 km from the city centre.

Alfa Bank owns 61.29%, formerly belonging to ''Kamgarn'' within the compound of the textile mill.  
Other owners:
- The Republican administration of public revenues office in Paraćin                   21,51%
- Joint Stock Company ''Polis'' insurance Belgrade                                                  6,75%
- Alpha bank Belgrade, main office in Jagodina                                                        2,26%
- Republican Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance Belgrade, office Ćuprija  5,71%
- Republic of Serbia Ministry of Labor and Veterans Affairs Belgrade                    2,46%
 of  Phone Access Road 2 elevators in the building of railway driveway
The total land area 20.900m2, total area of buildings -11298.83 m2.
There is a detailed plan for regulation.
The building includes:
- basement, 1,343.45 sq m
- ground floor, 3,318.46 sq m
- 1st floor, 3,318.46 sq m
- 2nd floor 3,318.46 sq m 
- A 1,200 kV transformer station exists within the factory
- Water supply and sewer
- Phone 
- Access road
- Heating exists, but is not in function 
- possibility of adding in height, and extending 
- Access to gas
- 2 elevators in the building 
- Railway driveway













Situated at street Vidovdanska bb, 400m away from the town centre.
Plot area amounts to 9.379 m2, there are another 8 objects which are as follows :
- Hall workshop 1.737 m2 
- Hall with administrative premises of the area of 1.230,50 m2 
- New hall 1.024 m2 
- Restaurant building, gatekeepers lodge, (a shop) 95,50 m2 
- Garage building, workshops and dashboard of the area of 309 m2 
- Building for preparation of the area of 104 m2
- New storehouse of the area of 150 m2
- Operative bureau with the construction of 216 м2.
The total surface of all buildings 4866 m2. 
There is a detailed regulation plan.
Three building have a build permit while the other 5 facilities did not have a build permit.
- Access roads
- Electricity
- Water
- Phone
- Canalization (sewage)
- Internet access
- Gas


Image Image Image





Complex of former textile factory ‘’Štofara’’ Ltd. (Location No. 1 on map)

 Turkish company ‘’Fisek International’’ has purchased the

 Property of the former textile factory - the possibility of cooperation

 -It is situated by the international railway which connects north and south of Europe and Middle East, with which it is connected by industrial track.

 - It is 2 km distanced from the toll of E-75 highway (Corridor 10)

 - It is located within the wider center of the town (650m from downtown) and it is well connected with the traffic network of the town and highway


Total land size: 6h35a12m2

Total buildings size: 30.012m2

Existing facilities: 29










Mlutin Rakić - Zmič (Location No. 2 on map)

Situated along the regional road Paraćin – Ćuprija  

Image Image Image

Distance from city centre – 1.5 km, from railway station – 2 km

- Lot 39.28 are in area (approx. 0.9 acres), fenced off, and asphalt paved
- Hall floor area 361 sq m (including office)
- Height 4 m
- Electric power – 90 kV supply line
- Water – booster pump
- Sewer – has connection
- Telephone – does not have
- Heating – does not have
Ownership: private person

            Hall at the motorway junction (Location No. 3 on map) 

Image Image Image

The hall is situated at the exit from Paraćin, on the road to Zaječar, close to the access ways to the motorway. Distance from the city centre – 1.5 km, from the railway station – 3 km

- The floor area of the hall is 1,000 sq m, with the possibility of adding another 500 sq m
- Height of hall, 4 – 4.5 m
- Solid building construction
- Has own transformer station
- Water – own well
- sewer – does not have
Owner: private person

"Skandinavija" (Location No. 4 on map) 

Moravska ulica

Image  Image

It is located behind the railway station, 1 km from the city centre.

The hall is 2,640 sq m in floor area (40 m wide, 60 m long, and 4.1 – 5 m high), on a lot of 90 are (approx. 2.22 acres).
- Includes 2 (two) electric power metering gauges and 5 (five) telephone lines
- Sewer is under construction
- Water
- Gas 
- Possibility of using industrial railway tracks within the textile mill


Budućnost (Location No.5 on map)

Image  Image  Image

 - The land area available 2 ha, production hall area with office spaces is 1500 m2, width 100m, lenght 12,5m, height 8,5m.

- There is a transformer station of the power of 1 mva , possible up-grading of another transformer station of the same power. 
- Electricity
- Water
- Phone
- Internet
- Canalization (sewage)
- Road
- Foot path

 AD Paracinka (Location No. 6  on map) 

Image  Image  Image

Location - Žabare, 800 m away from the town centre.

The area of the building amounts to 2.400 m2, length 120,6 m, width 19,8 m, height 4,5 m.
The area of the lot with the mentioned hall on it is 41.287 m2.
- Electricity - its own transformer station
- Water - its own deep well and connection to the town water network 
- Canalization (sewage)
- Gas - there is a possibility of connection 
- Phone - internal and external connection



You can get all necessary information in Office for local economic development and diaspora in Paracin, contacts:

Jasmina Vidović
Head of Local Economic Development Office and Diaspora
t. + 381 35 565-720, f. + 381 35 563-165, m. + 381 63 438-745
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Industrial zone ''Zmic''