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Where are we?


Europe, Serbia: in the central part of the country by the river Crnica, 43045' - 430 59' N, 18055' - 19025' E.
Area: 542 km² - 58.12% of agricultural land, 0.03% under forest, 38.75% other.
Distances: 156 km from Belgrade (capital), 130 km to the border with Bulgaria, 190 km to the border with Romania.
Terrain: plains and hills - 130 m altitude.
Position: Paraćin is a city in the middle of the Morava river basin region, 3.5 km from the right bank of the Morava River, on the ridge of the Crnica River which flows through the city centre at an altitude of 130 m above sea level. The area of the municipality of Paraćin lies in the valley of the Velika Morava River (between the slopes of the Juhor Mountain to the West, and the Kučajske Mountains to the East). By geographic position Paraćin forms part of the Velika Morava city triad, together with Ćuprija and Jagodina.
Climate: moderately continental, average temperature -0.8ºC in January and 22ºC in July, average rainfall 644 mm².


Central Serbia: 5.5 mn consumers.
Serbia: 7.5 mn consumers.
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania: 36.6 mn consumers total.
Free Trade Area market
(SEE and Russian Federation): 180 mn consumers total.





The city itself lies on the crossroad of very important international roadways: at the 156th kilometre of the international road E-75 from Belgrade towards Niš and the Middle East – Corridor 10, at the beginning of the international road E-761 to Zaječar and Bulgaria, and at the junction of the E-760 roadway towards Kruševac and Montenegro. The major railway line towards the South of Europe, Belgrade – Niš, also passes through Paraćin.


Distance from border crossings:
Border with The Republic of Bulgaria at the ''Dimitrovgrad'' border crossing – 199 km, and at ''Vrška Čuka'' border crossing near Zaječar – 130 km Border with Romania at the ''Vatin'' border crossing near Vršac – 190 km Border with Hungary at the ''Horgoš'' border crossing – 350 km Border with Macedonia at the '' Preševo'' border crossing

Distance from airports:
''Nikola Tesla'', Belgrade – 170 km, ''Emperor Constantine'', Niš – 80 km, and recreational airport at Davidovac – 6 km

Distance from ports: Belgrade Port on the River Danube – 156 km

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