Industry is very important in the economic activity of the municipality, regardless of the difficulties it is going through. Paracin has been known as a well-known industrial centre for more than a century. Production in the field of industry is very diverse, from the production of glass, cement and food products, to the production of construction materials and electrical energy equipment.
Until the beginning of the nineties of the last century, industry was in constant development, but with the occurrence of crisis events in the country, there was a sharp decline in economic activities. The privatization process was not successful in many companies.

The fabric factory stopped working completely, while the Serbian Glass Factory continued to work after a change of several owners, but with significantly fewer workers than before, after which bankruptcy was declared, which was soon annulled, which led to an additional reduction in the number of workers. The factory of confectionery products "Paracinka" and the factory of electrical and energy equipment "Buducnost" also changed the ownership structure, which had a negative impact on the level of production and position on the market.

 The only successful privatization was carried out in the Cement Factory in Popovac. The factory operates successfully and according to the highest world standards. However, there are significantly fewer workers than before.

The bearers of economic development, beside the cement plant as one of the three "giants" from the former Yugoslavia, are domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, both newly founded and those that continued to operate after the change in ownership structure. The structure of registered companies by sector of activity in the municipality of Paracin shows a trend similar to the trends in other municipalities of the district. The largest number of registered companies is in the field of trade, industry, transport and financial and other services. According to size, small enterprises represents the largest number (98.7%). As for manufacturing companies, most of them deals in the food industry, specifically from the area of confectionery production, milk and dairy products processing, meat processing and production of meat products, production of juices and alcoholic beverages. There are also companies for the production of construction materials, wood processing, production of metal accessories and production of paper packaging.

n the field of service activities, there are mostly companies providing tourist and catering services, while the most developed branch is trade, because Paracin has always been a trade centre, which is proved by the fact that around 50% of active registered companies are from this area.

There are a large number of local businessmen in Paracin who are building or expanding their production facilities. Some of the most significant companies in the field of food processing, production of meat and meat products, such as Magnum Ltd., Butcher's Shop Nikolic, SIM Farm, Gala Ltd., Bogdanović, Meso-tok Rasic... in the field of milk production Mihajlovic Dairy, production of confectionery products by the company AD Cokolend, Paracinka AD and Pionir DOO, production of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages by Bahus DOO and BM Trgovina.

As for the construction material production industry, the most important companies are Matoks Joint-stock Company, Transkop Ltd., Sole Trader Business 'Ljuba Invest'...
In addition to production, a significant number of catering facilities with accommodation facilities are being built, such as facilities on Karadjordje's Hill, RM Stubica which is building a hotel in Sisevac, Koliba Grza which is expanding its facilities, Stolovo Ethno Village near the motorway was built, Prestige is expanding its accommodation facilities. ..

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